ProEnhance constitutes of 100% natural components. These natural components include a number of active ingredients that significantly modify the penis.

The active ingredients include Damiana nutrients, Fo-Ti nutrient, Gotu Kola, and Ginseng Extract (30% -Ginsenoside); Saw Palmetto nutrients as well as Menthol (extracts). The natural agents enable you to have the benefit of an enhanced penis, devoid of the suffering associated with the unnecessary side effects.

For instance, the methol in the composition is responsible for prepare the skin for nutrients absorption. On the other hand, other nutrients are responsible for providing the much-needed nutrients for enhancing your penis. Ginseng a Chinese and Native American medicine is popularly known for its male fertility and sexual performance enhancing effects.

Since time in memorial, Fo-Ti has been prescribed to both young and aging individuals with erectile problems and low libido.

  • Damiana works as a natural aphrodisiac in order to increase the flow of blood in the penis as well as the sexual pressure for a thick and hard erection. Damiana gives a 100 per cent engorged erection.
  • Goto kula it provides fuller and stronger erection in men. It is also known to enhance sex drive and sexual stamina. Some researchers also believe that Goto Kula enables men to control their ejaculation better.
  • Fo-Ti has been known for a long time to naturally provide sexual pressure as well increase sexual desire. Fo-Ti makes sex more pleasurable and intense.

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